2019-2020    Teacher of Fine Arts Master’s degree, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest

2008-2013    Master’s degree in Painting, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest

2012              Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork City, Ireland


2020    Barcsay Prize
2014    Professional Award, 2nd place, Interpretation of the Medieval Icon Exhibition
2012    Ari Kupsus S. C. S. Prize
2011    Amadeus Prize


Ari Kupsus Gallery and the Salon Art Collectors Club
Fundamenta-Amadeus Art Foundation


MFT (Society of Hungarian Painters)
MAOE (Association of Hungarian Creative Artists)
MKISZ (Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists)
MMAT (Hungarian Artist’s Book Association)


2023 ‘Out of seasand and the air’ Ady25 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2022    ‘Extended Definition’ Gallery Art9, Budapest, Hungary
2018    ‘Shattered mirror’ Gallery IX, Budapest, Hungary
2015    ‘Prozodiac’ Liget Gallery, Budapest, Hungary


2023 ‘The forest for the trees’ Vizivárosi Gallery, Budapest
2023 ‘Even beyond that’ – Exhibition for Saint Brigíd’s Day, The Space Gallery, Budapest
2022 Living Hungarian Painting, Young Generation, Aba-Novák Agóra Gallery, Szolnok
2022 ’Mini-paintings’, Vizivárosi Gallery, Budapest
2021    ‘Experiments’ Krug Gallery, Budapest
2021    Barcsay 2019|2020, Vajda Museum, Szentendre
2020    XXIV. National Landscape Biennal, Hatvani Gallery, Hatvan
2020    ’New works, new faces’ MMAT new members, B32 Trezor Gallery, Budapest
2019    National Spring Exhibition, Veszprém
2018    ’Grotta VI.’ Tata Castle, Tata
2017    ’Respect for ÉS’ Godot Gallery, Budapest
2016    ’100 years old DADAISM’ Vajda Lajos Studio, Szentendre
2015    IX. Book-Object Biennal, Ráday Castle, Pécel
2015    ’Outsider Art’ Red and Blue Chapel, Balatonboglár
2015    ’Collage’ Gresham Palace, Four Seasons Hotel Budapest
2014    ’Park fiction’ Bunker Gallery, Budapest
2014    ’GÉN-TÉR-KÉP’ Artus Gallery, Budapest
2013    ’Attention’ Mazart Gallery, Budapest
2012    ’Listed’ Old FÁS Building, Cork City, Ireland
2011    Master and students, Karinthy Salon, Budapest