My paintings are figurative landscapes constructed from abstract signs, depicting the artificial,
built environment and nature together. The latter is represented primarily by plants, forests,
and most often trees, which is the central motif of my work.
In Jungian psychology, the tree is a universal motif that can be interpreted as both a self-image
and a worldview. In my representation, however, in addition to its symbolic meaning, it has a
more specific, situational meaning. In my paintings, the tree, its trunk, its roots, its multitude
could be interpreted as a representation of current states of consciousness, contexts of
thought, momentary moods formed into the landscape.

The repeated presence of the tree as a pure organicity representing the simple order of a living
organism also requires a more organic form of my paintings. The adaptation of the shape of
the image carrier to the depicted content has become necessary.
Thus, I experiment with solutions that result in the formal and physical variability and
extension of the usual square painting shape – without breaking the classical order of the
composition and leaving behind the field of painting.


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